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vendredi 27 mars 2020 To help your body (and your mind) cope with containment, we asked our beloved adaptogens expert, Eva, to share with us her favorite recipe. What are adaptogens? They are non-toxic plants, herbs and fungi that help the body fight against stressors, whichever their source. In this latte you will fi... Lire la suite

mardi 17 mars 2020 LAST EDITED : 05/02/2020Dear all, Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many entrepreneurs, myself included, must make decisions that are difficult but necessary, given the gravity of this situation. Our business – just like all businesses in France and other countries affected by this virus – w... Lire la suite

vendredi 13 mars 2020 Perhaps you've noticed that your skin takes longer to recover than it used to? Maybe lines and wrinkles appear faster than before? Does it become dry more easily or get upset at the slightest thing? As you get older, this is all perfectly normal, as collagen and elastin fibers become damaged, and hy... Lire la suite

mardi 14 janvier 2020 As the years go by, it's essential that you adjust your makeup routine so it cares for your not-so-young skin. When you get older, the characteristics of your skin change, along with its appearance, so it's important that your makeup takes these changes into account. Absolution gives you some tips a... Lire la suite

mardi 14 janvier 2020 The Gua Sha massage tool is the latest must-have beauty accessory for all skincare fans, addicts and experts! If you're already familiar with jade rollers or Kobido massage, then you may already know about Gua Sha. Originally from Asia, the Gua Sha massage technique has recently made its mark on the... Lire la suite

mardi 17 décembre 2019 Since 2014, we've had the honor and pleasure of working with celebrity makeup artist, Christophe Danchaud. Together with him, we've developed our Sweet & Safe makeup collection, which combines organic, skin-caring formulas with professional results. La Poudre is the latest addition to this collecti... Lire la suite

lundi 16 décembre 2019 In 2006, Claire Andréewitch decided to come and live in Paris. At the time, she was passionate about fashion, but she soon realized – particularly during her pregnancy – that her real passion was for well-being through yoga and nutrition. Since then, she's been teaching Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga... Lire la suite

lundi 9 décembre 2019 Learn how to firm facial contours with certified-organic, targeted skincare products and a few good techniques! How can you firm facial contours and fight the force of gravity? As we get older, our skin starts to sag, creases form, and wrinkles become more pronounced. While these days we may tend to... Lire la suite

vendredi 6 décembre 2019 Learn more about Absolution's certified-organic skincare products made with Hyaluronic Acid, and find the one that's tailored for you! Used in a multitude of cosmetic products, Hyaluronic Acid is definitely a star beauty ingredient! And when you consider all its benefits for the skin, this really is... Lire la suite

jeudi 5 décembre 2019 Since 2017, we've been lucky enough to work with Sylvie Lefranc, an expert in face yoga, which she teaches with passion and precision. At the age of 25, Sylvie discovered Hatha yoga. She has been developing her face yoga methods ever since, combining this Indian yoga – which focuses on controlling... Lire la suite

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