lundi 3 juin 2019 What exactly is the microbiota? An adult's skin hosts an average of one thousand billion bacteria and over one thousand species of fungi! They make up the microbiota – a unique ecosystem that lives on the surface of the skin and in the upper layers of the epidermis. Its quality and composition va... Lire la suite

    jeudi 9 mai 2019 Taking care of your skin after the age of 60 "Please don't retouch my wrinkles. It took me so long to earn them," said Anna Magnani. What if we, too, stopped trying to turn back time, fight skin aging and erase all our wrinkles? Once you've reached the age of 60, it's time to stop worrying, to ju... Lire la suite

    lundi 8 avril 2019 Organic makeup: enhance your beauty without compromising your health!   Foundation, mascara, lipstick... Have you ever stopped to look at the ingredients in conventional makeup products – the kind of products you'll find in major retailers? If you haven't, we have. And there were times we reall... Lire la suite

    mardi 2 avril 2019 Why use an organic eye cream? The eye area is the most fragile part of the face. The skin here is exceedingly fine (five times finer than the rest of the face) and easily marked by lines, etc., as it has so much to cope with! We blink about 10,000 times a day, and on top of that, m... Lire la suite

    lundi 1 avril 2019 When your complexion is looking dull and your skin could do with a good workout, there's nothing better than a little exfoliation! But do all skin types need to exfoliate? Absolution gives you some tips and advice...   While your face's skin type stays the same throughout your lifetime, seasonal... Lire la suite

    mardi 5 mars 2019 Anti-aging skincare: how do you choose the most effective products?   At Absolution, we don't talk about anti-aging products. We prefer to talk about pro-aging skincare! We know how difficult it is to choose a skincare product when there are so many creams and serums out there designed to meet th... Lire la suite

    lundi 4 mars 2019 Exfoliate your body, for softer, smoother skin!     You've heard it time and time again: it's important to exfoliate your skin regularly! Whether it's to prevent ingrown hairs, prolong your tan or improve the effectiveness of products applied afterwards, exfoliating your body should be a part ... Lire la suite

    lundi 25 février 2019 The characteristics of dry skin   Dry skin is characterized by a lack of lipids. It doesn't produce enough sebum – a key element that normally serves to protect the skin.   You can tell the skin is dry when it tends to be thin yet looks quite good, with barely visible pores. It doesn't shin... Lire la suite

    lundi 25 février 2019 If you thought that oils were just for dry skin, think again! While obviously, some oils are not recommended for oily skin as they can aggravate sebum production, others are actually able to regulate sebum production and restore the skin's complex balance. Oils contain powerful, natural active ingre... Lire la suite

    lundi 25 février 2019 SKIN THAT'S MORE COMPLEX THAN YOU THINK   Hormones play a significant role in the condition of the skin, and if you compare men's and women's skin, there are differences in structure. Higher testosterone levels cause men's skin to be about 20% thicker than women's. Their skin also contains more c... Lire la suite

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