vendredi 7 août 2020 If you thought that oils were just for dry skin, think again! While obviously, some oils are not recommended for oily skin as they can aggravate sebum production, others are actually able to regulate sebum production and restore the skin's complex balance. Oils contain powerful, natural active ingre... Lire la suite

    jeudi 6 août 2020 Hydrate, nourish, mattify, regulate, soothe... All these skincare benefits can be provided by a single product: your day cream. A day cream is an essential step in any beauty routine, yet many of you have trouble finding one that's tailored to your skin's needs. Absolution is here to help you i... Lire la suite

    mardi 4 août 2020 Among the star ingredients in Absolution's skincare formulas, you'll often find organic botanical oils. These oils have been used for centuries and they're perfect for boosting your beauty rituals! But did you know that botanical oils are also very effective on dry and sensitive lips? Fi... Lire la suite

    jeudi 30 juillet 2020 Just like the skin of your face, the skin of your body has to cope with all sorts of environmental aggressors, many of which are the result of living in an urban area. Sun exposure, pollution, sudden differences in temperature when the seasons change... These are all factors that can dry your sk... Lire la suite

    jeudi 23 juillet 2020 Dryness, tightness, redness, itching. If these are problems your skin has to face every day, then you probably have "atopic" skin. The characteristics of atopic skin are similar to those of sensitive skin, but you need to be even more gentle with atopic skin, and use products packed with... Lire la suite

    lundi 20 juillet 2020 Exfoliate your body, for softer, smoother skin!     You've heard it time and time again: it's important to exfoliate your skin regularly! Whether it's to prevent ingrown hairs, prolong your tan or improve the effectiveness of products applied afterwards, exfoliating your body should be a part ... Lire la suite

    lundi 13 juillet 2020 When your complexion is looking dull and your skin could do with a good workout, there's nothing better than a little exfoliation! But do all skin types need to exfoliate? Absolution gives you some tips and advice...   While your face's skin type stays the same throughout your lifetime, seasonal... Lire la suite

    mercredi 8 juillet 2020 Do you find it hard to choose gifts? Are you often stuck for ideas or short of time? If finding the perfect gift is definitely not one of your talents, don't worry! Absolution is here to help. You can't go wrong with certified-organic skincare and makeup products that can be tailored ... Lire la suite

    vendredi 27 mars 2020 To help your body (and your mind) cope with containment, we asked our beloved adaptogens expert, Eva, to share with us her favorite recipe. What are adaptogens? They are non-toxic plants, herbs and fungi that help the body fight against stressors, whichever their source. In this latte you will fi... Lire la suite

    vendredi 13 mars 2020 Perhaps you've noticed that your skin takes longer to recover than it used to? Maybe lines and wrinkles appear faster than before? Does it become dry more easily or get upset at the slightest thing? As you get older, this is all perfectly normal, as collagen and elastin fibers become damaged, and hy... Lire la suite

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