How to choose the right day cream

How to choose the right day cream

Hydrate, nourish, mattify, regulate, soothe... All these skincare benefits can be provided by a single product: your day cream. A day cream is an essential step in any beauty routine, yet many of you have trouble finding one that's tailored to your skin's needs. Absolution is here to help you in your quest to find the ideal (and certified-organic) day cream for your face! 

What ingredients should you look for in a day cream?   

At Absolution, our certified-organic, clean skincare formulas are packed with Nature's benefits. For us, a good day cream must do more than make your skin look beautiful every day; it also has to cater to your skin's individual needs and demands. Now we're not all experts in herbology, but there are a few simple golden rules to follow if you want to be sure that a day cream will really be beneficial for your skin.  

  • When you look at an INCI ingredient list, the first active ingredients mentioned are those used in the greatest amounts. So, if you see words like PARFUM or ALCOHOL DENAT (synthetic fragrance and denatured alcohol) at the top of the list, alarm bells should start to ring. It's probably clear to you that these ingredients have absolutely no benefits for your skin and could even be bad for sensitive and reactive skin, with the risk of causing redness or dehydration. It's the same with colorants (identified by the prefix "CI" followed by numbers), parabens (Sodium Ethylparaben E215, Sodium Propylparaben E217, etc.), phthalates (Diethyl Phtalate), which are a form of endocrine disruptor, and silicones (Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, etc.), which form an occlusive film on the surface of the skin.  
  • Look for natural and plant-based ingredients that aren't derived from petrochemicals, so they won't cause a sudden breakout. Stay away from mineral oils, made from petroleum derivatives. Not only do these oils clog pores, they're also disastrous for the environment. Give priority to botanical oils or butters. These are non-occlusive oily substances whose effectiveness has long been proven. And when you choose the right ones, they may even come to the rescue of oily skin! Finally, put your trust in targeted active ingredients such as Aloe Vera or Hyaluronic Acid, which drench the skin in moisture yet still feel incredibly light. You should also look for vitamins, peptides, or even ceramides, which deliver antioxidant benefits and protect your skin against damage from pollution and the effects of aging.  

This is why, at Absolution, our formulas contain 99.9% naturally derived ingredients, 96% of which come from medicinal plants. On average, 52% of ingredients are from certified-organic farming. We don't use parabens, mineral oils or phthalates, and you won't find a trace of petrochemicals or aluminum salts.  

Understand your skin's needs  

 You have normal skin 

If you have a normal skin type, then you're one of the lucky ones, as this means you don't have any particular skin concerns. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't apply a day cream every day! Look for hydrating and radiance-boosting formulas to give your skin a glow. 


We recommend using one of our essentials, La Crème du Jour, which works to energize, protect and regenerate the skin. Ideal for normal skin types, it provides all the nutrients your skin needs to be beautiful and balanced. Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera hydrate, Calcium promotes skin regeneration, and Centella Asiatica has an energizing effect, making this cream ideal for all those busy, non-stop days. Combine it with Le Booster ÉCLAT – a huge favorite with women who want their skin to glow all year round. This radiance booster works to smooth and beautify the skin. It's also excellent if you want to perk up your skin after a short night or when you're suffering from fatigue 


 You have dry skin  

Does your skin feel uncomfortable, tight or dry every day? If so, it needs more than just moisture. What it needs most is nourishing lipids.  

La Crème Riche is ideal for dry skin. In fact, this deeply nourishing cream with its rich, comforting texture is so good, you'll soon wonder how your skin ever lived without it! Immediately, it calms irritations and helps to protect skin exposed to environmental aggressors (cold, wind, pollution) and everyday problems (stress, hard and/or chlorinated water, enclosed environments, etc.). Formulated with a blend of talented, soothing plants (Calendula, Neroli, Evening Primrose, Rose Hip) and Honey, it restores your skin's suppleness, so all those feelings of discomfort soon become a distant memory! If your dry skin also feels rough, combine this cream with our Addiction oil 


You have combination or oily skin 

If your skin tends to be shiny, either in the T-zone or all over your face, it needs to be rebalanced. To regulate oily skin gently, focus on formulas with light textures and enriched with botanical oils that restore balance and hydrate. Remember: even combination and oily skin – just like all skin types – need hydration. You should also look out for balancing plant oils, such as Jojoba, Coconut or Tulsi, and natural active ingredients that help to regulate the skin (Anthyllis extract), fight blemishes (BioEcolia®) or have an astringent effect (Rosa Damascena hydrosol).  

You'll find all these active ingredients in La Crème de Santé, which will moisturizerestore balance, and soothe your skin, while also providing the ingredients it needs to function correctly and glow!  

If your cheeks feel tight (an issue often associated with the complexity of combination skin!), a few drops of Le Sérum Anti-Soif will restore comfort while keeping your skin perfectly matte.    


You have mature skin   

If you want firmer skin and a more even skin tone, put your trust in pro-aging ingredients as in La Crème du Temps, which will protect your skin against the effects of skin aging. Made with an exclusive blend of ingredients, it works to firm, smooth out, and repair the skin, while helping to prevent and correct signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles, increased dryness and sensitivity, loss of radiance and firmness, and feelings of tightness. It may not promise eternal youth, but it does provide all that your skin needs to ensure that you still look like yourself and look good! At the heart of this formula, you'll find antioxidant Atlantic Wakame, Pomegranate Seed Oil to fight free radicals, Alpine Edelweiss to combat sagging, and Poet's Narcissus, which helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and prevent melanin synthesis.  


What should you do when your skin's playing up? 

The skin is a very complex organ, and it's essential that you listen to it constantly. It reflects your emotions and environment, as well as your inner self. So it's not unusual for your skin to find it hard to adapt sometimes... Just like you, its "moods" and needs change every day. Dullness, breakouts, redness, sensitivity, the first signs of aging, etc. These are all problems that may affect your skin. To provide a solution tailored to its needs, take a look at our Boosters 


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