What exactly is the microbiota?

What exactly is the microbiota?

What exactly is the microbiota?

An adult's skin hosts an average of one thousand billion bacteria and over one thousand species of fungi! They make up the microbiota – a unique ecosystem that lives on the surface of the skin and in the upper layers of the epidermis. Its quality and composition vary from one person to another, according to their age, sex, the part of the body, immune system and other factors such as humidity, pH, temperature, environment, diet, lifestyle... and even cosmetic products!

The skin microbiota plays an essential role in the development and functioning of the skin's immune system. Moreover, its diversity helps to control the balance that is characteristic of "healthy" skin. An imbalance in the skin microbiota can be linked to skin conditions such as acne, as well as skin allergies, so it's vital that you take care of it! To keep the skin microbiota as healthy as possible, you need to "feed" the good bacteria so they remain more numerous and can overpower the bad, pathogenic bacteria that can cause blemishes, blackheads, acne and allergic skin reactions. Here, once again, it's all about balance!

Absolution products aim to restore and maintain the skin's ecosystem. So for us, it makes perfect sense to add prebiotics (Bioécolia®) to some of our products, to give your skin's microbiota a little boost. You'll find prebiotics in La Crème de Santé (santé means health, and this cream is dedicated to healthy skin!), as well as La Cure Peau Calme and La Cure Peau Nette.

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