Restructures, nourishes, protects and soothes skin and lips. Read more


Myrtle has purifying, astringent and softening properties. It helps to rid skin of impurities, keep it balanced,... Read more

Micronized Silver

This natural shield works to regulate and stabilize skin microflora and prevent the development of undesirable... Read more


Rich in mucilage, which traps moisture, this emollient ingredient is incredibly softening and perfect for improving... Read more


Maca boasts exceptional nourishing properties and contains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and flavonoids. It... Read more


A natural anti-stress mineral, it inhibits muscle micro-contractions, which, over time, cause wrinkles and fine lines... Read more


The sap of this tree fern from New Zealand has long been used by the Maoris for its healing properties. A powerful... Read more


The seeds of this tree from South Africa yield an oil that contains eight times more Vitamin C than an orange. A... Read more

Yerba Mate

This revitalizing ingredient contains numerous minerals and vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, K) that help to revive the skin. Read more


To detoxify your skin. This elegant perennial can be found in abundance near rivers and springs. It boasts excellent... Read more

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