La Gourde Absolution x...
La Gourde Absolution x...
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La Gourde Absolution x Gaspajoe

La Gourde Absolution is made with stainless steel and is isothermal so you can keep your hot beverages in the winter, and enjoy fresh infused water in the summer. As for the design, we opted for a laser printing that doesn't require any paint or plastic, and is much more long-lasting and robust.  La Gourde can contain up to 25 fl. oz. and covers almost half of your daily needs, all while preventing thousands of plastic bottles from going to waste. Tea lover? Good news, it comes with a stainless steel infuser, ideal to prepare a tea, a herbal infusion or a cold infused water.


Height: 26 cm/ 10 inches

Width: 8 cm/ 3 inches

Net weight: 12,6 oz

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