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La Crème du Teint — Médium*

A perfect complexion and a protected skin!

No need to choose, no need to get lost in the x versions of BB, CC, DD creams. Want to have a perfect complexion, treat your skin, protect it from sun and pollution... all with the largest natural? This is exactly the mission of La Crème du Teint.­

This product is 99% natural and 48% organic.


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No PEGs, No phthalates, no mineral oils, no GMOs, no synthetic fragrances or colorants.. Learn more ›

38 €

Prepared in 48 hours. Free shipping when you spend over €70 (France) or €100 (worldwide).

Our advice

After applying your Absolution day care,  spread a dollop of cream on the forehead, the nose, chin and cheekbones. Smooth strokes by the middle of the face outwards.

More details

Make up and care

The Tamanu oil, well known by  Polynesian people is renowned for its healing properties and its regulatory power for reactive skins. It also protects from the sun while fighting against blemishes and scars by activating cellular repair.

Green Tea, displays a very high concentration of caffeine and many polyphenols among EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate Epigallocathechin) real destructive free radicals. Its detoxifying power accompanies the natural process of your skin and helps you keep a clear complexion, his astringent tannins maintain the firmness of the skin and soothe irritations.

The Thermus termophilus is a marine biological asset that  lives more than 2km seabed and tamper with exceptional capabilities allow it to survive in a particularly aggressive envi- ronment. With it,  your skin is protected from skin aging to external aggressions.
The helichrysum hydrosol is a well known activator of the cutaneous circulation, it decreases the dilation of blood vessels, reduces redness and dark circles and also tones the skin tissues.

The moisturizing effect is due to Aloe Vera, a true wonder of nature used since antiquity for its virtues. It contains not less than 80 nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, mono and poly saccharides.

Coupled to Fucocert, plant polysaccharide with  higher hyaluronic acid anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties, it also soothes reactive skin.

We also added : jojoba oil and rosehip, olive squalane, the mar- row Bamboo...

*Certified Organic : Natural organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert France according to Ecocert Greenlife available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.com

100% Free PARABEN, PEG AND PHTHALATE FREE. WITHOUT ANY SYNTHETIC COLORING AGENT OR PERFUME. This product owes its natural shade to plant extracts, color may vary.

To learn all about the ingredients in our products, Check our glossary.

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