Body Scrub

While it's true that most of the time, the skin of your body is protected by clothes, it still needs specific care – just like the skin of your face. At Absolution, we know that everyone's skin is different, and that to really take care of it, you need natural, gentle formulas that can be adjusted to its needs. If these formulas also stimulate your senses, even better!

When dead cells build up on the surface of your body, the skin can become rough and dry in places, and particularly on the knees and elbows. Dead cells also affect the skin's ability to absorb oxygen, and it loses its glow. Body scrubs are a great way to give your skin a youthful boost, but only if you choose the right one! By exfoliating the skin of your body and removing the superficial stratum corneum (made up of dead cells), you'll encourage natural cell renewal. And by promoting more efficient and faster skin cell renewal, you'll improve radiance and luminosity.

How to exfoliate your body ?

Whether you're exfoliating your face or your body, it's important that you do it gently, or you risk causing microlesions and making the skin even more sensitive and fragile. For the body, it's best to use fine exfoliating powders that are not too abrasive, and will exfoliate more precisely and evenly than large granules.

Best ingredients for a glowy body !

There are certain active ingredients worth looking out for in a scrub, such as Aloe Vera – a soothing and repairing medicinal plant that's made up of 99% water. The remaining 1% is a powerful synergy of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids, which exfoliate naturally thanks to their Salicylic Acid content.

Botanical oils are also important. They're essential ingredients in many bodycare products, where they're used for their emollient properties and their ability to restructure and nourish the skin. By forming a protective film that minimizes the evaporation of water from the skin's surface, they help to rebalance hydration levels.

Your body's best friend : Le Gommage Corps Éclat

For our body scrub, we also wanted to use active ingredients that would improve the condition of the skin by helping to boost drainage and circulation. And we looked for ingredients with antioxidant and astringent properties. We've always wanted our products to be able to adapt to your skin's moods, and this applies to body scrubs too!

Our aim was to create the perfect body scrub – one that was able to meet the demands of everyone's skin.
Made with 99% naturally derived ingredients, of which 55% are organic, Le Gommage Corps Éclat rids your skin of impurities and dead cells, and leaves it perfectly cleansed, detoxified, and visibly nourished.

The star active ingredient in this scrub is Volcanic Rhyolite – a lava powder that has excellent exfoliating properties. Its very fine granules lift away dead cells without damaging the skin – unlike other ingredients, such as sugar or salt. We've also added botanical oils (Safflower, Coconut and Avocado), to care for reactive skin, and form a nourishing and protective film on the skin's surface.

When you use this product in the shower, the oily texture takes on a milky appearance on contact with water. After rinsing it off, skin feels soft, satiny and nourished, and an exquisite scent fills your bathroom!

If your skin is very dry and needs extra nourishment, follow with Le Lait Peau Douce. This nourishing body lotion has a non-sticky texture, so you can get dressed immediately after applying it!