Lionize Your Expression

A ritual for nurturing your Vishuddha; the Throat; the fifth Chakra; “I SPEAK”

Daily Intentions and Mantras are powerful rituals that are meant to be practiced with your internal voice, external voice and journaling harmonizing your sense of expression.

As we know the Universe listens and responds to our resonance and our resonance is directly connected to our thoughts, ‘inner and outer voice expression’ and intentions. This is where using mantras and working with intentions is vital to expressing your true voice and allowing it to shine, projecting all you are and want to be.

First choose an intention, it could be to release or expand some aspect of yourself, it could be to heal or activate something inside of yourself. Get clear on what it is, there may be many that is normal but choose the one that stands out most to you in the moment. Once you have chosen it put it in mantra or intention format, for example let’s say your intention is ‘to be able to communicate your true self to others’, then you would say something like “It is easy for me to communicate my true wants, needs and desires” or “I communicate effortlessly and with ease”.

Finalize it and begin to repeat it out-loud. Express the statement with a strong powerful voice, no need to yell, but dig deep and use that vivid clear voice within you. After you have repeated it a few times, take a journal and begin to write the statement over and over as many times as you feel called to. You can also write it on a posted and place it on a mirror as a visual and mental reminder to continuously work with this mantra and intention.

You will close this ritual by taking an invigorating inhale and exhale. Knowing that this ritual doesn’t fully come to an end as you continue working with it mentally and consciously throughout the day.

(You can adjust this ritual to align with any intention and mantra that you may want to work with. It is also nice to get yourself a specific mantra and intention journal.)

“My self-expression is a priority.”

Compass Rose:

Listen to your skin

It’s something that we’d always suspected, but now it’s been scientifically proven: our moods impact our overall health – and the health of our skin! And this explains why we so often turn to vitamins, adaptogenic plants, meditation and exercise to boost our positivity and keep stress at bay.