Flourish Your Unconditional Love

A ritual for nurturing your Anahata; the Heart; the fourth Chakra; “I LOVE”

Compassion-Hug Sequence coupled with Crystal Connection is a ritual that is meant to clear the crystal, reset it with purpose and honor your inner unconditional love.

Since we are focusing on the Anahata we will work with Rose Quartz since this is one of the main crystals is associated with the Heart, it can be small, tumbled, raw, large, a piece of jewelry any piece of Rose Quartz will be perfect.

Position yourself comfortably on the floor, a yoga mat, your bed, a chair, a cushion, just ensure you have what you need such as pillows and blankets. Begin to clear your mind and space with a few deep breaths. Take the Rose Quartz in your hands and graciously inspect it with all your senses. Hold it in your hands, close your eyes, connect your breath, thoughts and being to the crystal. Internally decide what this crystal will be to you, what will be its purpose and intention. Since this is Rose Quartz and for the Anahata we will set the crystals intention around trust, gratitude, and compassion. Then gently open your eyes and take the crystal just in-front of your mouth, with the new intention pictured in your mind, pucker your lips, take a deep inhale and then when you exhale concentrate the breath directly at the Rose Quartz; as if you are clearing the crystal with your breath, and blowing the intention into it. Repeat this as you rotate the crystal. You will know when to stop and it is complete.

You will close this ritual by placing the Rose Quartz in front of you and seeing all its beauty, its trust, and its new connection to you; spread your arms out wide like wings and then bring them in to wrap around your body as if to give yourself a giant hug of unconditional love. As you are hugging yourself you are enveloping yourself in all the compassion, gratitude, and trust that you just cultivated within the Rose Quartz. Send it all to yourself tenfold.

(This ritual can be adapted to any of the Chakras you would simply change the crystal and intentions to correlate to the matching each energy)

“As I forgive, I free myself”

Compass Rose:

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