Kindle Your Worthiness

A ritual for nurturing your Manipura; the Solar Plexus; the third Chakra; “I DO”

Candle Magic is a practical way to connect with the power of our Sun and the element of fire. The theme of candle ceremonies can vary; for this one it will be centered around cultivating your expansive ‘Sun’ energy and self-worthiness for your desires. Whenever working with candles or the element of fire be cautious and aware. Find an open space in your home where you can sit comfortably with the candle, a piece of paper and a pen. Settle yourself into an easy seated position, have your palms facing the sky resting on your legs, take a few expansive inhales and exhales.

Begin to think about all your desires (disregarding existing conditions or fears about the how, when, where etc.). See your desires clearly, be specific and then one by one write them on the piece of paper. Once you have completed your list, take another expansive breath, and then light the candle. Look at the candle, watch how the flame dances, how it expands and feel the warmth that it is permeating.

While looking at the candle, take the piece of paper and internally repeat each desire to the candle. Then go back to the top and repeat each desire vocally towards the candle. For example, if one of your desires is to have more confidence, you can say something like “I am confident here and now”. 

Envision the flame of the candle expanding and transforming your desires and sense of worthiness.

You will close this ritual with a smile upon your face full of knowing your power, your worth and your expansive desires.

If it is safe to keep the candle burning do so. Roll-up your worthiness, desire list into a scroll and fasten it closed with something handy (string, tape, twine, elastic band etc.). You can place it either near the candle, on your existing altar, under your pillow or in a personal sacred place.

(You can also do this ritual with a group of friends each with their own candle, or with a group bonfire.)

“It is easy for me to stand in my power.”

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