Sponsoring program

€10 for you and your loved ones!

Beauty is such a beautiful thing to share...

You've tried our products and want to share the love with your friends and family? Sponsor them: €10 for them and €10 for you, to thank you for helping us grow the Absolution community and spread the gift of happy skin. 

#1 - Complete your first order

To sponsor a friend, you must have completed at least one order on our eshop. 

#2 - Share your link

Click here and share your sponsor link via your socials or by email. 

#3 - €10 for them

Your friends is invited to create their account, and receive a €10 voucher to redeem on their first order (which must be over €50).

The code is available for a year and cannot be combined with other offers.

#4 - €10 for you

When they receive their first order, you get a €10 voucher as well. You can use it on your next order with no minimum amount, and it can be combined with other vouchers and offers. 


Can I sponsor a friend if I'm not a customer already? 

You can start using our sponsoring program once you're completed and received your first order. 

How many people can I sponsor?  

Love has no limits: you can sponsor as many people as you want :). 

Can I use my voucher immediately? 

If you are sponsoring someone, your €10 voucher will be available once they receive their order. If you are being sponsored, your €10 voucher can be used immediately on your first order of €50 or more. 

Can I combine my vouchers?

Absolutely! Example: you've sponsored 3 friends, you can use your €30 voucher on your next order. The more you share, the more you save! 

Where can I find my vouchers?

They are available here !