You're unique – and so is your skin. So treat it to personalized care!

Just like you, your skin is unique, and its needs can change from one day to the next. By listening to your skin and giving it what it asks for, you can help to protect it and restore its balance and beauty. Absolution offers a range of certified-organic products packed with antioxidants. Aimed at both men and women, they can be easily tailored to your skin's needs and moods.

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Organic, beautiful products & a committed brand

Absolution is a responsible, committed brand. Our products are certified organic by Ecocert, our packaging is eco-designed (recycled and/or recyclable; vegetable inks), we carefully select our suppliers, and we take a sustainable development approach, in order to minimize the impact of production on the environment. The bold, arty design of our products shows that organic and beautiful go perfectly together. Learn more

Capturing the power of nature

Nature's generosity is endless, just like our curiosity. And that’s the secret behind the originality and effectiveness of our products… We take such pleasure in combining the power of medicinal plants with our zest for clever, creative formulas. At Absolution, there is no room for compromise. Textures are exquisitely fine. Scents are delicate, unisex and addictive. Nothing is left to chance. Everything must be perfect. Learn more

The creator of Absolution, Isabelle Carron

"There are times in life when you get the opportunity to do something that matters. Something that makes you happy and proud, embodies your values and improves your life – and that of others. That’s what Absolution is for me. It’s my contribution to social change, a way of producing and consuming differently: less but better." Learn more

Mix & Match

5 seconds a day to improve your skin, with long-lasting results

The best ideas are often the most simple ones – and this is certainly true for our personalized Mix & Match method. It's simple, intuitive and effective: 5 seconds, every day, are all you need to improve the condition of your skin with long-lasting results.

Mix a small amount of the Absolution cream of your choice with a drop of a Booster that addresses your current skin concerns. Blend to obtain a skincare product that's tailored to your needs.

This "instant mixing" allows you to adjust and boost the formulas, so you can multiply your options without multiplying the number of products!

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