Of all the steps in your makeup routine, applying face makeup is the one that will boost your skin's beauty and radiance. But conventional face makeup products tend to dry out your skin and clog pores, and they don't care for your skin at all! As a result, they can make the skin of your face more fragile and sensitive, and leave your complexion looking dull, unable to get its glow back.

But what if it were possible to combine makeup with skincare? To enjoy beautiful colors and organic formulas? At Absolution, we've made this possible. All the products in our Sweet & Safe makeup collection were designed to make you look beautiful, while looking after you and your skin too. We've brought together non-toxic pigments (which won't harm your health) and formulas with real skincare benefits, to bring out your natural beauty. As for face makeup, we've formulated three complementary, certified-organic products that are safe for your skin, safe for the planet, and will help make dullness a thing of the past!

To even out skin tone: La Crème du Teint

Can't choose between a foundation and a BB cream? Then choose La Crème du Teint instead! This clever little product does it all: evens out skin tone, soothes, and protects, with the help of natural ingredients.

- Tamanu Oil has regenerating and skin-regulating properties. It fights dark spots and helps to fade scars by stimulating skin cell repair.

- Green Tea is a powerful natural antioxidant. It protects the skin against free radicals, which destroy the elastin and collagen fibers our body naturally produces.

- Thermus Thermophilus is a marine microorganism whose exceptional self-protection capacities help the skin to defend itself better against environmental aggressors.

La Crème du Teint is available in two shades: Light and Medium.

To conceal imperfections: Le Multicorrecteur Christophe Danchaud

This is such a versatile product that it's ideal for those who take a "less is more" attitude to makeup, as well as those who like to have more coverage. Made with natural pigments, Le Multicorrecteur Christophe Danchaud conceals redness, dark circles and imperfections, and lightens areas of shadow.

You can use this concealer on its own, simply by dabbing it onto problem areas, or combine it with La Crème du Teint for greater coverage. And to make sure it offers the benefits of both makeup and skincare, we've included lots of skin-caring ingredients in the formula!

- Chlorella is a freshwater microalga that works to rebuild your skin's natural collagen and help firm the skin around the eyes. It also helps to combat redness and dark circles.

- Jojoba Oil offers rebalancing, smoothing and skin-softening properties, and helps to slow down moisture loss from skin cells thanks to its hydrating powers.

- Cornflower Hydrosol tones the skin and helps to soothe the eye area.

A tip from Absolution

For a luminous complexion, apply Le Multicorrecteur Christophe Danchaud to imperfections, under the eyes (to conceal dark circles), on the bridge of the nose, in the middle of the chin, and along the outline of the lips. This is an easy and effective way to light up your face.

Le Multicorrecteur Christophe Danchaud is available in six shades (for very fair to dark skin tones). The universal shade, N°10, is an apricot tone that neutralizes the blue and purple undertones of dark circles.

For a matte, velvety finish: La Poudre Christophe Danchaud

La Poudre Christophe Danchaud is an ultra-fine, loose mineral powder that's invisible on the skin. It reduces the appearance of dilated pores and fine lines, leaves skin feeling soft and velvety, sets your makeup for the day, and gives your skin a beautiful glow. What's more, it's perfect for all skin types, even dry and sensitive!

This face powder cares for your skin with its carefully selected ingredients.

- Natural silica sets makeup, provides a matte effect, and gives skin a non-oily feel.

- Corn Starch works to absorb and control sebum, while its soothing properties make it ideal for sensitive and reactive skin.

- Hyaluronic Acid revives dry skin by ensuring optimal hydration levels are maintained.

- Honokiol, an active molecule derived from the magnolia plant, provides skin with long-lasting protection against environmental aggressors while minimizing skin sensitivity.

La Poudre Christophe Danchaud is available in two shades: Light (10.1) and Medium (10.2).