Every day, your lips are exposed to environmental aggressors such as the sun, wind and cold. However, the skin of your lips is very fragile and fine – five times thinner than the rest of your face! That's why it's so important to look after your lips well, to keep them moisturized, nourished and healthy.

Unfortunately, conventional cosmetic products are often made with ingredients that are undesirable (to say the least), and may even be harmful for your skin and health. These include parabens, PEGs, phthalates, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances and colorants. In the long term, all these combinations of dubious ingredients may have repercussions on both your skin and your body. At Absolution, we provide a solution to this problem by choosing to develop ethical, eco-friendly products that are good for your health – and the planet.

We believe that your lips should be looked after every day, regardless of whether you wear lip makeup. That's why we've formulated two natural lip products that offer hydrating, nourishing, protective and repairing benefits. So, if your lips are dry, chapped or damaged, with our help, they won't be for long!

To repair and soften your lips: Le Baume

Le Baume is a certified-organic balm that's ideal for using on the lips and any dry patches on the face. It works to protect, repair, and deeply nourish the lips, so it's perfect if they're chapped or damaged. And it's made with wonderful, natural ingredients...

- Beeswax. Rich in Vitamin A, Beeswax has soothing and nourishing properties, and acts as a natural shield to protect skin against harsh external elements.

- Perilla Oil. Derived from a plant native to Asia, this oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Incredibly nourishing, it also has repairing benefits, and rapidly soothes irritated skin and lips.

- Marula. Indigenous to southern Africa, the Marula tree produces fruits that contain eight times more Vitamin C than an orange! Marula oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruits and is rich in antioxidants, making it excellent for fighting free radicals.

- Calendula. The extract taken from this medicinal flower is known for its softening and healing properties, so it's just what your lips need to make them beautifully soft.

Le Baume is also enriched with Shea Butter and Argan Oil for their nourishing and repairing properties. With its practical stick format, you can take it with you anywhere and use it throughout the day, whenever your lips need it!

To nourish and beautify your lips: Le Lip Glow Christophe Danchaud

You can care for your lips and make them look beautiful at the same time, with a 2-in-1 product that combines skincare and makeup! At Absolution, we've brought together color and care through pigments and skin-friendly ingredients in our Sweet & Safe makeup collection. Based on the observation that some lipsticks and glosses can dry out and damage the lips, Absolution and Christophe Danchaud joined forces again, to create Le Lip Glow. This certified-organic lip oil transforms into a shiny, tinted, nourishing gloss that really brings out the beauty of your lips. It was formulated specially for all those whose lips might be dry, chapped or damaged, but refuse to give up lip makeup. And why should they? For supreme comfort and a natural, beautiful look, Le Lip Glow is enriched with oils and butters that pamper your precious lips.

- Argan Oil. Rich in Vitamin E and omega-3, this oil helps to restore the hydrolipidic film and slow down skin aging.

- Macadamia Oil. There's more to this oil than its delicious scent! It helps to restructure, nourish, protect, and soften your lips every day.

- Jojoba Oil. This oil helps to prevent skin from drying out by forming a protective film on its surface, and also helps to protect cells from damage. It sinks into the skin quickly, without leaving a greasy residue.

- Shea Butter. Bursting with benefits for the skin, this butter promotes healing, repairs, and deeply nourishes.