At Absolution, we've put together a comprehensive routine that starts with cleansing, moves on to exfoliating, and ends with moisturizing! We know that your skin has to deal with daily stress, as well as environmental aggressors such as pollution, UV rays and cold weather, not to mention clothes rubbing against it! That's why our certified-organic bodycare range is designed to give your skin all the nutrients it needs so it can look beautiful and effectively renew itself day after day.

A certified-organic bodycare routine

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. You're probably already familiar with these three steps, but have you ever wondered how each one could help to moisturize the skin of your body? We tell you all about our certified-organic bodycare products and how to use them in a routine that works for all skin types – even the most dry and sensitive.

Le Lavant Corps Doux extra-gentle body wash

Moisturizing begins with showering! Le Lavant Corps Doux doesn't contain any suspicious ingredients, but it does contain lots of natural, certified-organic ones, which come together to gently cleanse even the most delicate skin. Formulated without sulfates (which can irritate the skin are not always readily biodegradable), Le Lavant Corps Doux is rich in Calendula, Linden and Sage – active ingredients known for their softening and soothing properties. Every time you shower, this product protects your skin's hydrolipidic film and prevents dehydration.

Le Gommage Corps Éclat gentle body scrub

Dead cells on the surface of your skin can prevent it from effectively absorbing active ingredients. That's why it's important to exfoliate your body regularly. But you don't need to do it too often! Once or twice a month is enough.

Le Gommage Corps Éclat was designed to rid skin of impurities and dead cells. Formulated with exfoliating Volcanic Rhyolite, Meadowsweet (with draining properties) and nourishing Safflower Oil, this extra-gentle body scrub works to bring out all your skin's beauty and radiance.

Le Lait Peau Douce soothing body milk

Does your skin sometimes feel tight after showering? This can be caused by overly hot water, hard water, or a shower gel that has an irritating effect. If you want to avoid dry, rough or scaly skin, you need to restore your skin's hydrolipidic film as quickly as possible. And that's when Le Lait Peau Douce comes to the rescue! This moisturizing body milk, with its soft Neroli and Geranium scent, works to repair and nourish the skin, and has an intense soothing effect. Enriched with Sesame Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Witch Hazel Hydrosol and Aloe Vera, it rapidly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Plus, the non-sticky, fluid texture goes on easily, and lets you get dressed quickly after application!