Aging, pregnancy, sun exposure, lifestyle factors... They can all cause our skin to sag and lose its vitality. Restore firmness and tone while moisturizing your skin every day, with Absolution's certified-organic firming bodycare.

Our skin's aging process

Sagging is a natural part of the skin-aging process. From the age of 30, the skin starts to show the first signs of aging, and these often include a loss of firmness as the skin loses its suppleness. This natural process is due to a gradual decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, as well as external factors related to lifestyle. From age 30, the skin breaks down more collagen and elastin fibers than it produces.

Our amazing ingredients

There are natural products that help to slow down this process. When these are combined with a healthy lifestyle, the result is an effective solution to help skin weakened by aging.
At Absolution, we know that it's possible to help prevent and soften these effects of aging. But you need to select the very best natural ingredients and give the skin what it deserves: targeted products, rich in natural, certified-organic active ingredients. We've chosen lots of skin-loving, effective active ingredients to help slow down the effects of time and restore tone and vitality to your skin.

- Antioxidant ingredients, such as Baobab and Apple, to protect against free radicals. Black Crowberry, a wild berry from Lapland, and Bamboo, known for their boosting effect on skin's elasticity and density.
- Soothing ingredients,such as Aloe Vera, nourishing Sesame, or Safflower oil, with restructuring and repairing properties.
- Astringent ingredients, which tighten skin tissue, such as Oak Bark or detoxifying Meadowsweet.
We've incorporated these powerful, natural ingredients into bodycare products designed to help firm and tone your skin.

Our solutions for a firm and toned skin

Absolution not only offers hydrating and firming solutions for your body; it also has a scrub. Exfoliation is important to help your skin breathe and restore its natural beauty. Le Gommage Corps Éclat is a gentle body scrub that cleanses, detoxifies and nourishes, without damaging the skin. It stimulates cell renewal, leaves skin feeling velvety, and is just what you need to give your body a natural glow!