Sweet and Safe

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23,33 €

The ultimate natural pink that you can wear day and night. A color you're always comfortable with, whatever your style. A lipstick you should ...

23,33 €

An on-trend shade that you'd happily wear every day! A color that gives you energy, wakes up your complexion and adds a twist to your style.

23,33 €

A unique, seductive, timeless red. The perfect shade for a woman who exudes confidence. Imagine a true red… This is it.

23,33 €

A very natural pink with woody hues that heightens the natural color of your lips with a subtle, sheer finish.

23,33 €

The perfect summer color that makes you feel alive again after the long winter months.

23,33 €

A subtle, almost rosy red to enhance and beautify your lips, so they're absolutely kissable… and absolutely irresistible.


18,85 € 50,75 €

Why should you have to choose between makeup and skincare, or between botanical ingredients and professional results? With the Christophe Danchaud ...

21,67 €

A lip oil that transforms into a super-shiny, tinted, emollient gel film.

25,00 €

A radiant lipstick with a high-performance formula. Le Satin glides on perfectly, stays on for hours and offers supreme comfort for your lips. ...

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