Mix & Match

Mix & Match

The skin is a very complex organ – an ecosystem that is constantly adapting to the outside environment (sun, wind, pollution, cold, etc.) but also to our inner state (heredity, diet, cigarette smoke, mood, sleep, health, stress, hormones, etc.).

So your skin is unique. It reflects your emotions, your environment, your inner self. Just like you, its needs change every day.

Our Mix & Match system allows you to match your skincare to your skin’s mood, every day.

Some of our products – and particularly the Booster formulas – are designed to be used either alone or mixed with one of our creams. By mixing and matching, you can immediately adjust and boost the formulas, so you can tailor your creams to your specific needs and multiply your options without multiplying the number of products!

Dull skin, blemishes, redness, sensitivity, loss of firmness, wrinkles… For every problem, there’s a Booster! Five seconds a day are all it takes to improve the condition of your skin, with long-lasting results.

How it works

The Boosters PURETÉ, ÉCLAT, SUPERFOOD, PROTECTION and LIFT, or even our Anti-Soif offer purifying, radiance-boosting, anti-aging, lifting, protective and moisturizing benefits.

Begin by choosing your Absolution Cream (Jour-Soir-Riche-Homme-Santé), then look in the mirror, listen to your skin, and choose the Booster it needs. It’s as simple as that!

Today my skin feels itchy, tight and red

Today I'm breaking out in spots!

Today I look old…

Today my skin feels tight and really tired

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