Vegan berries and fresh herbs summer rolls by Alice Roca

Nothing better than an antioxidant-rich diet to get your skin ready for summer!

Long sunny days are finally here, so it's even more important to include ingredients that are full of water and vitamins in your daily diet. These summer rolls are naturally sweetened by red fruits, without any added sugar, and packed with easily digestible ingredients, good for your health, skin, and energy.

Rice vermicelli are naturally gluten-free; fresh herbs add lightness and fragrance to the rolls and promote healthy digestion; roasted sunflower seeds provide a crunchy touch, and the strawberry coulis is the ultimate indulgence!

Recipe for 20 small or 15 large rolls

Preparation Time: 1 hour


20 small or 15 large rice paper wrappers 

100 g mung bean vermicelli (or rice vermicelli)

1 small cucumber

150 g strawberries

150 g raspberries

1 small bunch of fresh mint and other herbs of your choice (basil, shiso, cilantro) 

50 g roasted pumpkin seeds

Seasonal edible flowers: poppy, calendula, coriander flowers

Strawberry Coulis:

400 g strawberries 

2 sprigs of fresh basil or shiso

1 tbsp high-quality olive oil

A pinch of salt flower

1 tbsp sugar

- Coarsely chop the pumpkin seeds and dry roast them in a pan for a few minutes.

- Place the vermicelli in a large bowl, pour boiling water over them, and let them soak for 7 minutes. Drain and cool them with cold water.

- Cut the vermicelli into shorter pieces using scissors directly in the bowl.

- Cut the peeled cucumber into thin sticks, and cut the red fruits harmoniously. Reserve each ingredient in a small bowl.

- For rolling: dip the rice paper wrappers in a large, shallow dish filled with warm water. After a few seconds, remove the wrapper when it is soft enough to roll. Place the wrapper on a damp cloth or wooden board and arrange the filling ingredients in a row. Finish with the red fruits, roasted seeds, and herbs. Place edible flower petals and strawberry slices on top. Roll the wrapper over the ingredients from the bottom, tucking in the sides as you go and rolling tightly with your fingers.

- Prepare the coulis: mix the strawberries with the salt, olive oil, and basil (or shiso), and let sit for 10 minutes. Blend and strain the coulis through a sieve into a bowl. Chill in the refrigerator. Adjust the consistency by adding a bit of water if needed.

- Enjoy the rolls by dipping them in the strawberry coulis.

Berries and powerful antioxidants: your skin allies this summer

Raspberries and strawberries have super antioxidant powers: they help protect you from certain diseases and contribute to the beauty and health of your skin. Raspberries, in particular, are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents due to their high vitamin C content. They are also a source of fibers, minerals, and are very low in calories.

My Tip for Freezing Raspberries:

Choose fresh, organic, seasonal raspberries, as they are delicate and do not tolerate being washed well. First, place them flat on a baking sheet in the freezer. Let them freeze for a few hours, then transfer them to a bag. This prevents them from sticking together, making it easy to add them to your smoothies or other preparations.

Vitamin C is one of the most abundant antioxidants in our diet, and it is also a key ingredient for giving your skin a radiant and vital glow. Discover all its benefits!

Artistic director, chef, and author, Alice Roca develops her world around a lifestyle that balances country and city living, blending her love for cooking with her passion for plants, flowers, and ecology. She lives her professional and personal life as a virtuous circle, where everything is interconnected and mutually enriching. At the heart of her work is the quest for beauty through her dishes, bouquets, staging, as well as her photos, videos, and drawings. 

All the care she devotes to eating well, she also extends to her skin by adopting Absolution products and daily skincare rituals such as dry brushing, exfoliation, cold showers, and facial yoga. 

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