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What is a vegan skincare product?

A vegan skincare product must not contain any animal products or by-products. In many countries where tests are not illegal, the vegan label also guarantees that the product is not tested on animals.

It's important to note that a vegan product is not necessarily made with 100% naturally derived ingredients. In fact, it may also contain various artificial substances that are also found in conventional cosmetic products.

At Absolution, we have decided that the cosmetic products we create should carry both labels and certifications, so we can inform and reassure our customers. Our skincare products are certified organic, often vegan, and made with ingredients that are natural and organic or wild harvested.

Vegan and certified organic?

We've already said what a vegan skincare product is, but what does it mean if it's "certified organic"? According to French regulations, a certified-organic skincare product must:

- Be formulated with natural ingredients (with the exception of some synthetic preservatives that are authorized by the certifying body).

- Contain a minimum percentage of certified-organic ingredients (from 10% to 90%, depending on the label).

- Be produced using sustainable production methods (eco-friendly, recycled or recyclable materials; limited use of potable water; prioritizing renewable energy sources and low-carbon transportation, etc.).

A certified-organic cosmetic product must not:

- Have been tested on animals (in line with European regulations, where animal testing for cosmetic products is prohibited, although outside Europe, regulations may differ).

- Have undergone irradiation.

- Contain nanoparticles, GMOs, parabens, petrochemical derivatives (such as paraffin), potentially harmful or carcinogenic ingredients, and synthetic colorants or fragrances.

French legislation allows certified-organic skincare products to contain certain animal-derived ingredients. Honey produced by bees, animal squalane (derived from shark liver) and carmine (more on this later) are often found in the ingredient list for certified-organic skincare and makeup products.

The only animal-derived ingredients that you'll find in Absolution products are Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis. Plus, our suppliers are regularly audited to ensure that any bee products are collected with the greatest respect for the bees. We have always refused to use carmine – a natural dye obtained from crushed cochineal bugs. This dye is often found in lipsticks, and even in food products. Instead, we use a mixture of safe synthetic and natural pigments. Any squalane we use is derived from olive oil.

It goes without saying that Absolution products are not tested on animals. Not only would this go against our convictions; it would also go against European legislation!

Our commitment for your skin

We are committed to formulating more and more vegan skincare and makeup products and, whenever possible, reformulating our products that still contain animal-derived ingredients. Of course, as always, we will continue to offer products that work to restore, maintain, and protect your skin's natural ecosystem.

Our vegan skincare products simply harness the benefits of Nature to help restore your skin's original beauty. Formulated with certified-organic or wild-harvested botanicals, as well as minerals and vitamins, they're also certified organic and never, ever tested on animals.

Discover our certified-organic and vegan skincare products for all skin moods!