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Treat yourself
with Beautiful Times

Absolution is also in Spa and Salon...
Treat yourself to a bubble of serenity enjoying the unique synergy between our formulations and techniques of our signature care.


Far from being a luxury, a massage is a blessing!

The fact some massages reduce joint and muscle pain, soothe headaches and stomach, stimulate the immune system and the blood and lymph circulation is already well known. But massage can do much more: as you know, the skin is a living organ with thousands of neurotransmitters that connect the brain. Each press - pinch, stroking ... will be detected by these tiny sensors that will trigger the activation of different genes, some of them are even capable of neutralizing the inflammatory process, large cause of aging.

In the long term, this type of stimulation promotes the birth of new mitochondria... kind of mini factories of our cells, rejuvenating our cells and making massed tissues firmer and better armed to fight against time. A massage also decreases the production of cortisol (the stress hormone)... and helps you refocus. In short, you see that you is your health which claims that massage!

Absolution, unisex and highly organic custom protocols

Created as a moment apart, an intimate conversation between your skin and you, the Absolution signature treatments restore and strengthen the balance of the skin and bring it to its top vitality. Our Holistic and original approach,based on your state of mind at the time of care,combined with the technicity of our protocols deliver outstading results.

Consider a rebalancing for every season and long-term

One can enjoy the Absolution care as often as you need... or envy it, but it’s wise to practice with minima at each change of season or when you notice significant changes in skin quality or level energy. Long-term rebalancing treatment is complemented by the use of Absolution range overnight.


Meet us in salon

Face care

What do we request from a facial?
A moment of intense relaxation, a sensory experience... but more than anything…we want results!

Have switched stressed mind for a peaceful one, featuring clear complexion and vanished wrinkles… all you need to show off a little. The signature Absolution facial has been created to meet those desires... and it keeps it's promises!

The Absolution treatment provides your skin with an exclusive cocktail of organic plants, wild flowers, minerals and natural vitamins, combined with an anti aging and detoxifying gesture (shiatsu points, sliding pressure, Japanese drainage…) specially adapted to your skin and your state of mind at the time of the care.In addition to evening the complexion, the treatment yields immédiate anti-aging and line-reducing results, your skin is cleansed, soothed and plumped.

The ideal Beauty Routine for those who run after time in 30 minutes. A beauty break that features some of the long protocol to maintain your skin at its optimum level. Short time - Big Results -Much better than a sandwich!

30 min

Body Care

Free your energy flow with the Absolution Re-Start Body Care
Stress, too rich diet, sedentary life... Sometimes our body have troubles to remove waste and toxins that clog and impact on our daily well-being and beauty. In 1.30h, our Re-Start bodycare will drain the cells and boost lymphatic circulation, detoxify the skin, harmonizing energies and re-energize your mind. Book it in emergency when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Where to take care of you?

Find all the locations of our spas and institutes where specially trained practitioners will make you discover the benefits of the Absolution care.