Our certifed-organic serums and treatments

The skin is a very complex organ. It's constantly adapting to the outside environment (sun, wind, cold, pollution, etc.), but also to your inner state (diet, cigarette smoke, moods, sleep, stress, hormones, etc.). Just like you, it changes every day.  

How to use a serum

A serum is the ultimate product if you're looking for something that you can adjust easily to your skin's changing moods. It sinks into the skin deeply, to deliver all its benefits. A serum can be used on its own (after cleansing) or mixed with your moisturizing cream, and will enhance and maximize the effectiveness of your daily skincare products. 

A serum offers numerous benefits and acts like an intensive skincare treatmentIts texture is fine and light, and it's packed with active ingredients that stimulate your skin's ecosystem and help it to function correctly. It's a skincare essential that you should always have in your bathroom, ready to rescue skin that's stressed, or simply not at its best.  

Which serum is best for your skin?

At Absolution, we've always understood the importance of having a personalized regimen for your skin. By listening to your skin and giving it what it asks for, you can help to protect it, and restore its balance and beauty.

All our products – and particularly the Boosters andLe Sérum Anti-Soif – were designed so that they can be used on their own or mixed with our creams. This "Mix & Match" method enables you to adjust and boost your formulas, without increasing the number of steps in your daily skincare routine. But most importantly, it enables you to address a specific skin concern.  

Is your skin dehydratedIs your moisturizer not hydrating enough? Are you worried that a richer cream might clog pores? Treat your skin to Le Sérum Anti-Soif.

Does your not-so-young skin lack firmness? Are you finding it difficult to fight the appearance of wrinkles? Try Le Booster LIFT.

Does your skin tend to become lined or look tired quickly? Boost it with antioxidant Le Booster SUPERFOOD.

Is your skin looking dull and lackluster? Wake it up with Le Booster ÉCLAT.

Are you tired of spots and blackheads ? To help treat and regulate your skin, try Le Booster PURETÉ.

What are the "Cures"?

In order to choose the right facial serum, all you have to do is identify the skin concern you wish to address. A serum can be used every day over the medium or long term, but we know there are also times when your skin needs a short-term solution that's even more targeted. That's why we developed our "La Cure" treatments, to help restore your skin's original beauty in just 15 days!