Hyaluronic acid serums, pro-aging night creams, anti-wrinkle youth concentrates, age-fighting eye creams... There are plenty of products out there for mature skin that promise to make your face look smoother, your skin younger, and your complexion radiant. But what about bodycare products? After all, it's not just the skin of your face that ages. It's the skin of your body too...

At Absolution, we know that skin aging affects the entire body, and that taking care of your skin also includes using bodycare products. So we wanted to develop a bodycare routine that wouldn't be time-consuming, but would let you enjoy comfortable, radiant skin, whatever the time of year.

We're not big fans of the "anti" culture. It's certainly not a positive approach, and doesn't encourage you to love yourself! That's why, at Absolution, we prefer to use the term "pro-aging" to describe some of our products. They may not promise eternal youth, but they will let you be true to yourself, comfortable with who you are, and happy in your own skin. These are good – and achievable – objectives, especially if you get a little help from Nature!

For complete pro-aging action: Le Soin du Corps

This antioxidant body lotion can be used all year round. It works to nourish and restructure the skin, slow down sagging, and prevent that rough "crocodile skin" look. The fluid texture sinks in quickly, while the certified-organic formula provides both hydrating and antioxidant benefits.

- Sesame Oil, rich in natural antioxidants, helps skin to fight the signs of time.

- Baobab Oil, rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, helps skin to fight free radicals.

- Apple Extract delivers intense hydration and leaves skin feeling more supple and revitalized.

To firm targeted areas: La Solution + FERMETÉ

La Solution + FERMETÉ is an organic body-firming booster serum that you can apply to any area of the body you wish to firm. Packed with active ingredients, this multi-talented formula works to restructure, firm and tone the skin, fight stretch marks, and keep cellulite at bay.

- Black Crowberry, a wild berry from Lapland, is known for its effect on skin elasticity and density. The properties of Crowberry also make it an excellent ingredient to prevent stretch marks and pigmentation marks.

- Bamboo Shoot extract naturally contains silica, which works by mimicking the cellular cement, and helps to support collagen production. It's perfect for providing an instant firming effect.

- Oak Bark contains tannins, with astringent properties, which tighten skin tissues and help to tone areas prone to sagging.

What's more, the fluid, refreshing, non-sticky texture is rapidly absorbed, so you can get dressed within moments of applying it!

To encourage cell renewal: Le Gommage Corps Éclat

Le Gommage Corps Éclat is a gentle body scrub that deeply cleanses, detoxifies, and nourishes the skin. By stimulating skin cell renewal, it helps to slow down the signs of aging. This one-of-a-kind scrub will soon become one of your bodycare must-haves, and is made with high-performance, skin-caring ingredients.

- Volcanic Rhyolite is a fine lava powder with excellent exfoliating properties. Both incredibly effective and absolutely gentle, it remineralizes and detoxifies the skin.

- Meadowsweet is an ingredient you may already love in herbal teas, but did you know it also boasts skincare benefits? With both astringent and draining properties, it helps to tone the skin, so your body feels firmer and smoother.

- Safflower Oil, with restructuring and repairing properties, helps to maintain skin's elasticity.

Le Gommage Corps Éclat transforms from an oily texture to a milky lotion when you rinse it off, and its delicate scent is divine! It leaves a protective, satiny film on your skin, and makes it look beautiful – and smell amazing!