Our moisturizers are highly effective, give your skin all the elements it needs to get through the day and regenerate during the night. The natural and organic formulas are gentle on your skin, safe for your health, and won't damage the environment.


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Aging is just growing up!  We selected 3 Absolution essentials to take care of mature skin: La Crème Douce Démaquillante (4.17 Fl.Oz) Le ...


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Le Sérum Anti-Soif  Well-hydrated skin is better protected against damaging elements. Le Sérum Anti-Soif replenishes your skin's moisture levels, ...


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Pollution, stress, not-so-healhty diet... Your skin needs a break! We selected for you 3 essentials to restore and maintain your skin's balance: ...

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Firms, smoothes out, and evens skin tone Formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients, La Crème du Temps is an exclusive blend that ...

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It regulates, moisturizes and protects. Rich in prebiotics and botanicals, La Crème de Santé provides your skin with ingredients that are ...

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It works to protect, energize and regenerate. Offering both preventive and corrective action, this complete anti-aging cream contains antioxidant, ...

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With its antioxidant, restructuring and de-stressing benefits, La Crème du Soir helps to diminish micro muscle contractions and gives your skin ...

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La Crème de l'Homme is a true anti-aging cream for men, made with an exclusive blend of ingredients. It works to protect, repair and invigorate ...

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Both comforting and deeply nourishing, La Crème Riche works to soothe and plump skin subjected to harsh environmental elements (cold, wind, ...

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