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How to soothe the skin of your face?

Pollution, wind, cold, stress… Our hectic lifestyles and urban environments can play havoc with the skin. It becomes more sensitive and prone to redness, feels tight, uncomfortable, and loses its radiance. At Absolution, we offer non-toxic, organic skincare formulas that work to restore suppleness and comfort to sensitive skin. Made with natural, targeted and highly effective active ingredients, such as honey, aloe vera and the finest botanical oils, they help to restore, maintain and protect sensitive skin's natural ecosystem from the very first use. So, if you need a really gentle beauty routine, these products should be part of it! La Brume Systémique is a face mist that can be used as your first skincare step or final cleansing step. This product helps to optimize your skin's ability to protect itself, so it's less reactive to external aggressors. It leaves skin feeling fresh and soothed, more radiant, and prepped for the products that follow. All men take note: it can also be used as an after-shave, as it's excellent at soothing irritated skin!

Delicate skin will love our organic expert skincare products, formulated to soothe and protect. La Crème Riche is a big favorite with very reactive skin. This deeply nourishing formula provides instant comfort and is ideal for times when your skin is drier or more sensitive, or exposed to harsh climates. Immediately after application, skin feels soft and plumped!

Another must-have for sensitive skin is our Addiction oil. Made with a blend of 27 botanical oils, it gently cares for your skin, providing it with all the nutrients it needs for its balance and beauty. Dryness, irritation, discomfort, lack of radiance… This regenerating oil tackles all concerns! Suitable for men and women, and all skin types, it can be used all year round, day and night, whenever you want! If you prefer to use creams with lighter, more fluid textures to care for your sensitive skin, La Crème de Santé and Le Sérum Anti-Soif are ideal. Both formulas work to restore balance and radiance, and provide protection, without upsetting your skin. Say goodbye to redness and imperfections!