The Green Switch par Absolution
The Green Switch par Absolution
The Green Switch par Absolution
The Green Switch par Absolution

Green, Vegan & Proud!

88,5 ml/3 Fl. Oz

6 Absolution essentials in mini versions, for happy and healthy skin wherever you go!

This routine is suitable for all skin types.

Limited edition — Value: €62.5


31,67 €

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Your organic and vegan skincare essentials!

99% natural origin, 30% organic


COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Ecocert available at

Our Green, Vegan & Proud! set is suitable for all skin types and contains our favorite essentials to take care of your skin wherever you are:  

- Le Baume Céleste 0.33 Fl. Oz: oil-in-gel nourishing and soothing makeup remover

- Le Nettoyant Pureté 0.5 FL. Oz: gentle soap-free cleansing gel, loved even by sensitive skin

- La Crème Gommante 0.5 FL. Oz: gentle face scrub, suitable for all skin types

- Le Sérum Anti-Soif 0.5 FL. Oz: moisturizing and soothing serum

- L'huile Addiction 0.3 FL. Oz: multipurpose oil with 27 botanical extracts

- Le Soin Repulpant 0.5 FL. Oz: rehydrating and nourishing face mask

Value: €62.5


Wake up your skin with fresh water or La Brume Systémique, then follow with a drop of Le Sérum Anti-Soif. If your skin is dry, add two drops of Addiction to make it more comfortable.


Remove your makeup with Le Baume Céleste then cleanse with Le Nettoyant Pureté. This double cleansing allows to rid your skin of all impurities and makeup, and leaves it feeling squeeky clean, fresh and ready for its evening routine.

Mix a drop of Le Sérum Anti-Soif with two drops of Addiction, and massage onto your face and neck.


Apply La Crème Gommante and massage over damp skin to rid it of impurities and dead cells, and follow with a thin layer of Le Soin Repulpant that you can leave on over night. You'll wake up to nourished, soothed and plumped skin, ready to take on a new day! 

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