The extract we chose is quite unique and was selected for its CBD-like properties. This means... See more


Native to the Middle East, this medicinal plant yields an oil with incredible nourishing... See more

Petit Grain Bigarade (EO)

The essential oil of Petit Grain Bigarade is obtained from the leaves and branches of Citrus... See more

Poet's Narcissus

Evens out skin tone, with Poet’s Narcissus. Known for its medicinal properties since ancient... See more


Smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines, with Pomegranate seed oil. Rich in antioxidants,... See more

Poria Cocos

This powerful fungus is widely used in medicine in the Far East. It's believed to be present... See more


A regulator of cellular exchanges, it helps to prevent puffy eyes in the morning.

See more


Pracaxi oil is simply bursting with benefits! It nourishes without leaving an oily film on the... See more

Prickly Pear Flower Oil

is a rare and precious oil that's very rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.... See more


This plant resin, collected by bees, is known to be a potent purifying ingredient. It also... See more

Purslane extract

Purslane is rich in beta- carotene, macroelements (Mg, K, Ca, Na, P) and trace elements (Fe,... See more