Safflower Oil

Loved by sensitive and reactive skin, Safflower oil is rich in vitamin K. This vitamin... See more


This antiseptic herb promotes healing and has regenerating properties: it helps to prevent... See more


Rich in fatty acids, this oil helps to regenerate skin and soothe irritations. It contains... See more

Shea Butter

With moisturizing and repairing properties, shea butter helps to combat skin aging, prevent... See more


Silica is perfect for minimizing the appearance of pores and setting makeup.

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Snow Mushroom

According to legend, the concubine Yang Guifei owed her beauty to this Chinese mushroom.... See more

Sodium PCA

This humectant occurs naturally in the skin and increases epidermal hydration by trapping... See more


Both purifying and detoxifying, Spirulina absorbs impurities, tightens open pores, and... See more

St John's Wort

St John's Wort extract is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.... See more