Our amazing ingredients

You'd probably like to know more about what's in our products.

Do you want to know all about the plants we use and their (genuinely!) fantastic powers?

Perhaps you'd like to understand why you can entrust your skin (and your health) to medicinal plants?

We tell all here!


This primitive plant has a rich and complex composition, which makes it a classic ingredient in pharmacopoeia. Its... Read more

Resurrection plant

Named for its ability to come back to life with the first drop of rain. Rich in polyphenols, it helps to protect... Read more

Apricot oil

Rich in Vitamins A and E and omega 3, Apricot oil is known for its anti-aging properties. An excellent emollient, it... Read more

Abyssinian oil

This rare botanical oil is often used in hair care products and valued for its coating and nourishing properties. Read more


This wild berry is packed with Vitamin C (20 times richer than an orange), so it really revitalizes! It's perfect for... Read more

Hyaluronic Acid

Nourishes and helps to maintain the elasticity of the fragile skin around the eyes. In its three forms (high, medium... Read more


Native to the Indian Ocean region, this plant has muscle-relaxing properties. It smoothes out wrinkles and fine... Read more


The gentle action of AHAs, extracted from Blueberry, Lemon, Orange, Cane Sugar and Maple Sugar, stimulates epidermal... Read more

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