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You're unique – and so is your skin. So treat it to personalized care!

Just like you, your skin is unique...

... and its needs can change from one day to the next. By listening to your skin and giving it what it asks for, you can help to protect it and restore its balance and beauty. At Absolution, we've always understood this. It's why we've been committed to organic beauty for the past 10 years. All our skincare ranges are formulated to restore, maintain, and protect your skin, but most of all to care for both stressed and city skin. By providing the antioxidants your skin needs to stay beautiful, our products are able to restore balance to even the most "difficult" skin! Combining the power of nature with innovative ideas, they deliver visible results from the very first applications.

Visible results from the first applications, always combining nature and progress

We're convinced that Nature can relieve our stress, our pain and our troubles. That's why we've chosen to use natural active ingredients to create skincare products that can do more than you even hoped for. All the benefits of nature are captured in certified-organic formulas designed to work with your skin and its changing moods, for a natural and flexible beauty routine. If our products have superpowers, it's all down to the formulations! These intelligent blends bring together nourishing botanical oils, essential oils with countless benefits, and hydrating, protective, antioxidant, regulating and pro-aging ingredients. Yet we still have so much to learn from plants...

Developed from natural ingredients

Certified-organic or wild plant extracts, minerals and vitamins, our skincare products do not contain any ingredients that could be harmful to your skin or the environment. Ever since Absolution was created, we have refused to use ingredients derived from petrochemicals, as well as surfactants, phthalates, mineral oils and parabens. Instead, we use safe and kind ingredients that are gentle on your skin and not dangerous for your health. We also use eco-friendly packaging and are working to bring our carbon footprint down, slowly but surely! Your face reflects your emotions and the passing years, so it was incredibly important for us to create skincare products with delicate textures that delight the senses.
And we wanted formulas that are gentle on all skin types and meet the skin's daily needs – even on days when it seems determined to react to anything that's put on it! Whether you're in the prime of your life or your skin is starting to show the first signs of aging, we're committed to creating products that will meet your skin's every requirement and keep it happy – even when it's upset! Whether you're a man or a woman, whether you have combination, oily, dry, normal, mature or simply dehydrated skin, you can now enjoy a range of skincare products that have the power to reveal all your beauty.