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PAX face oil—peace for inflammatory skin

How to take care sensitive skin ?

These days, more and more people have sensitive skin. While this is mostly caused by internal factors, such as skin pigmentation, sensitization, or genetic predispositions, there are other, external factors that can make the skin increasingly sensitive.

The skin barrier of sensitive skin is very porous. This means that all those irritating molecules that the skin is exposed to every day can penetrate more easily. Cold weather, hard water, and pollution can also upset sensitive skin, triggering an immediate reaction, such as burning or stinging sensations, or feelings of tightness and itching. But sensitive skin may also react to inappropriate cosmetic products or skin-irritating substances. If your skin has always been sensitive, then the cause is internal, and it's highly likely that your skin is naturally dry. But if you've noticed that the slightest thing can upset your skin and make it sensitive, then you have "sensitized" skin. In both cases, it's essential that you look for natural, certified-organic skincare products, enriched with clever active ingredients that are able to look after the most delicate skin.

Which skincare to use ?

At Absolution, we've chosen kind, caring, effective active ingredients to address skin sensitivity:

- Soothing ingredients,such as Aloe Vera, softening St John's Wort or calming Neroli hydrosol. 

- Ingredients that combat redness and irritation,such as White Willow, Oat and Roman Chamomile.

- Antioxidant ingredients that protect sensitive skin every day, such as Rose Hip and Pracaxi oil. The latter is rich in behenic acid – a saturated fatty acid that forms a barrier on the skin to protect against environmental aggressors, and nourishes without leaving a greasy film behind.

We've used these ingredients in products that are very different, but each one is designed not to disrupt the balance of your sensitive skin.

- We have gentle makeup removers, such as La Crème Douce Démaquillante, which cleanses and removes makeup with tender loving care, and helps to soften even the most sensitive skin.

- There's also Le Baume Céleste, an oil-in-gel makeup remover that has everything reactive skin could ask for.

- If you prefer rinse-off cleansers, Le Nettoyant Pureté cleanses gently and effectively, but won't ever leave skin feeling tight.

La Brume Systémique (a multi-tasking face mist), meanwhile, is the guardian of your skin's ecosystem and will help to keep skin protected.

But Absolution hasn't just created cleansers and makeup removers for delicate skin; it also has a few gentle hydrating formulas.

- True to its name, La Crème Riche is a deeply nourishing, rich face cream with a wonderfully comforting texture.

Le Masque Velours Repulpant lets your skin soak up all the benefits of an extremely effective hydrating mask – whenever your skin needs it.

- Then there's Le Sérum Anti-Soif – an exceptional serum that drenches skin in hydration ;

- And our Addiction oil, which meets all the needs of sensitive skin and is (surprise, surprise) absolutely addictive...

Finally, don't forget the skin around your eyes, which reddens easily when irritated. Le Soin Regard and La Crème Réparatrice Regard work to smooth out the eye area, without making the skin fragile or irritable.

Our certified-organic skincare products don't contain any controversial ingredients – just kind, gentle, caring ones that promise to leave your skin feeling absolutely comfortable.