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How to take care of oily skin?

Our skin naturally secretes sebum – an oily substance that protects against environmental aggressors and helps to prevent the skin from becoming dry. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands, which are more numerous in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). When sebum is produced in excess, we talk about hyperseborrhea, and it's this excess sebum that gives the skin a "greasy" appearance. Oily skin is therefore skin that produces too much sebum. It's characterized by shiny areas, mostly in the T-zone, along with thick, dull skin, dilated pores, and blemishes (acne, blackheads, spots, pimples). Oily skin doesn't usually age as quickly as dry skin, as it's more supple, but wrinkles can be deeper. Makeup doesn't stay on well, and tends to oxidize during the day.

Combination and oily skin types can be exacerbated by various factors, such as hormones, pollution, and stress. To regulate oily skin, it's essential to avoid harsh products that strip the skin and can leave it dehydrated. You need to help the skin to control sebum production, while maintaining an optimal level of hydration and nourishment. To help restore balance to oily skin, we've formulated products that are certified organic, rich in natural active ingredients, and meet the needs of this skin type. They have mattifying, astringent and hydrating properties, and also help to reduce blemishes.

At Absolution, we select the very best natural ingredients, to give your skin the help it needs.

  • Botanical oils that restore balance, nourish and purify, such as Jojoba Oil, which calms and rebalances without leaving a greasy residue, Coconut Oil for a nourishing and soothing boost, and Tulsi Oil to deeply yet gently purify the skin.
  • Natural purifying active ingredients, such as Zinc, which works to prevent the development of "bad" bacteria on the skin and neutralize free radicals, Propolis, a plant resin made by bees and known to have powerful purifying properties, and Neroli Hydrosol, which promotes skin regeneration
  • Natural blemish-fighting ingredients, such as Helichrysum Hydrosol, which encourages healing and helps to even out skin tone, and Arrabidaea Chica, to treat minor skin problems.
  • Powerful astringent ingredients: Sage, Witch Hazel and White Willow, which treat excess sebum and dehydration, reduce the appearance of pores, and help to clear the spots and other blemishes commonly associated with combination and oily skin.

We've taken these amazing, natural active ingredients, and incorporated them into certified-organic, targeted skincare products that work to restore skin's balance and leave it glowing with health. We've created light-textured creams and blemish-fighting serums with natural, non-toxic, certified-organic formulas. They'll hydrate your skin without making it greasy and provide a mattifying and rebalancing effect. To gently purify the skin, look no further than our certified-organic cleansing and purifying formulas. The ideal cream to hydrate your oily skin is La Crème de Santé, enriched with Jojoba, Neroli and Tulsi. To help keep your skin fresh – and keep oily skin problems at bay – you can also apply Le Booster Pureté morning and evening, before your moisturizer. This clever anti-blemish serum is made with a high concentration of Propolis, Arrabidaea Chica, Sage and Zinc, and helps to rid skin of small spots and blemishes in the first 24-48 hours of using it.

As for cleansing, start by removing makeup with L'Eau Soir et Matin. This certified-organic cleansing water purifies, softens, and tones the skin, while removing makeup and toxins that have built up during the day. It's formulated with complementary, natural active ingredients (healing Helichrysum Hydrosol, softening Hazelnut Oil and astringent Witch Hazel Hydrosol), which help to regulate skin's balance. This product is also ideal for use in the morning, so you can wake up your skin without using a cleanser that could upset its balance if the formula is too harsh. In the evening (and only in the evening!), in addition to using L'Eau Soir et Matin, we recommend cleansing with Le Nettoyant Pureté. Rich in White Willow, Sage, Neroli, Zinc and Coconut Oil, its deep-cleansing and soothing action makes it ideal for oily skin. After a long day, this gentle formula leaves skin clean and free of makeup and impurities. Once a week, treat your oily skin to a little pampering and use our gentle La Crème Gommante face scrub to remove dead cells and impurities, and boost microcirculation. After exfoliating, apply the Le Masque Pureté Détoxifiant anti-blemish face mask. Depending on where blemishes are, you can apply it to the T-zone only, or over the entire face. Formulated with White Willow, Zinc and White Clay, this mask draws out impurities without damaging the skin, and helps to restore balance and vitality. In just 10 minutes it works its magic, revealing fresher, clearer skin.

Rich in natural active ingredients (and free of controversial ones!), our certified-organic skincare products lift away dullness, for a more radiant complexion. They'll mattify, moisturize and regulate your skin, reveal a clearer, smoother skin surface, and let your natural beauty shine through!