Care for the eye area with certified-organic makeup

Care for the eye area with certified-organic makeup

Care for the eye area with certified-organic makeup

Eyeshadow, eyelinermascara...  You may love using eye makeup, but how do your eyes feel about it? Makeup and pollution can play havoc with the skin around your eyes, leading to problems such as irritation, dryness, or even minor infections. But it's perfectly possible to enhance your eyes without being harsh on the skin. With certified-organic makeup, you can be sure of using products that won't upset your skin – or your eyes.   

Why should you use certified-organic eye makeup

The eyes are a very sensitive part of the facewhich is why the eye contour, eyelashes and eyelids must be given extra special care. Did you know that eyelid skin is the thinnest skin of the body? This makes it more permeable to pollution, irritants, and allergens. Certified-organic eye makeup is more gentle on the eyes, and helps to maintain the balance of the skin around them while enhancing their natural beauty. There's no reason you shouldn't use eye makeup; you just have to use the right eye makeup!  

good active ingredients 

If you want to enhance and care for your eyes, there's nothing better than products enriched with natural active ingredients. They'll let you enjoy all the benefits of makeup, but they'll also care for your skin, to avoid disrupting its balance.  

It's very simple: any product for the eye area must be gentle! Cornflower Hydrosol (also known as cornflower water) is one of nature's most precious ingredients to soothe and relieve tired and irritated eyes. It can be used in compresses for the eyes or incorporated into makeup formulas, and helps to repair and invigorate the skin. So it's no surprise that we decided to include Cornflower Hydrosol in the formula of Le Multicorrecteur 

As for the eyelids, focus on protection. Because the skin here is very fine and delicate, it needs active ingredients that can protect it against pollution and free radicals. Açaí oil is ideal for combatting the harmful effects of oxidative stress. It's rich in phenolic compounds that trap free radicals, as well as omega-9, which helps to fight skin aging – something that's particularly visible in the eyelids. Rice Bran Oil also boasts powerful antioxidant properties due to its main active ingredient, Gamma Oryzanol, whose antioxidant activity is ten times higher than that of Vitamin E! You'll find these two active ingredients in Le Smoky – our natural, organic, vegan eyeshadow crayon, available in five shades.   


Finally, let's not forget the eyelashes! These little hairs protect our eyes from sweat and foreign bodies, which is why it's so important to give them lots of care and attention. Let's start with the lash line... We love Nettle Extract, which we've used in Le Liner to soothe the skin and help strengthen lashes. Now let's move on to the lashes... Abyssinian oil – a rare botanical oil – helps to coat and nourish your eyelashes. We've used it in Le Mascara, along with Carnauba Wax, which gives the mascara better heat resistance, thus improving wear.  

Our certified-organic
 eye makeup routine 

Conventional makeup products often contain undesirable ingredients, but "natural" formulas often don't deliver the desired results. That's why we joined forces with celebrity makeup artist, Christophe Danchaud, to create something that had never been created before! We wanted to have a certified-organic makeup range – one that was natural and organic, that combined color and care, that contained no suspicious ingredients, and delivered professional results. And that's how the Sweet & Safe collection was born...  

For beautiful eyes anytime, anywhere, discover our three eye makeup essentials: Le SmokyLe Liner and Le Mascara.  

Create smoldering eyes with Le Smoky 

Le Smoky is an eco-designed, intense eyeshadow crayon that cares for the eye area with its 100% natural, vegan formulaMore than just an eyeshadow, it acts as a balm for the skin, preventing dehydration and helping to relieve tightness.   

Rich in Açaí oil and Gamma Oryzanol, which are known for their antioxidant properties, Le Smoky adds color to the eyelids while giving this fragile, delicate part of the face the protection it needs. We've also enriched the formula with Coconut Oil, which helps to reduce skin dryness considerably and calm redness.  

We like to apply Le Smoky across the entire surface of the eyelid, then pat with the finger or use a brush to blend the color up to the crease of the eye. To really emphasize the eyes, we add a little along the lower lash line, to complete the smoky eye look. The Silica in this formula provides a radiant and blurred "soft focus" effect, while responsibly and ethically sourced Mica gives that touch of luminosity that no eyeshadow should be without.  

Le Smoky is available in five shades, so that all eyes can look stunning! 

- ​03 Aubergine (dark plum) 

- 06 Olive ​ 

- 14 Chocolat ​ 

- 18 Charbon (charcoal) 

- 19 Blé (wheat) 


Emphasize your eyes with Le Liner 

When we developed the formula for Le Liner, our aim was to have an eyeliner that wouldn't just line the eyes, but also care for the skin around them, helping to keep it balanced. It's enriched with Cornflower Hydrosol and Nettle Extract – botanicals chosen for their soothing and invigorating properties.  

Le Liner allows for quick and easy application thanks to its ultra-fine tip, which glides over the eyelid without tugging or pulling, for precise results. It lets you draw a smooth, even line in an intense shade of black. Plus, it dries quickly and stays put all day.  

This versatile eyeliner lets you create an array of makeup looks for all eye shapes. Whether you have round or almond eyes, whether they're close-set or wide-set, you can have fun and get inventive to bring out all their beauty. Try the cat-eye look, be inspired by Cleopatra, or keep it subtle but stunning. Incredibly easy to apply, Le Liner dresses up your eyes while caring for them too.  

Define your lashes with Le Mascara 


Eye makeup wouldn't be complete without a good mascara! Our Sweet & Safe Le Mascara is formulated with Abyssinian Oil, Carnauba Wax and Beeswax. Result: Le Mascara enhances your lashes all day long while nourishing them and protecting them from external aggressions. 

To enlarge your eyes, apply it after Le Smoky, Le Liner or both! Its hourglass-shaped brush and flower-shaped fibres separate, lengthen and thicken your lashes in just a few strokes. A perfect hold all day long, and an undeniable comfort! 

Discover our complete range of certified organic make-up for the face, eyes and lips.