Gift ideas over €50

Would you like to treat yourself, or introduce your loved ones to Absolution products and all their benefits? Then take a look at our beauty indulgences They're the gifts that can't go wrong!
Our organic face oils are precious botanical blends that will please all skin moods, while also being very elegant on your bathroom shelf! Addiction matches all skin moods and PAX was specifically formulated for acne and rosacea-prone skin. For a complete ritual, pair a face massage with our face tools: our Quartz Rose Gua Sha to tone the skin, Le Roll-On Drainant to boost lymphatic drainage, and The Stylet Précision reflexology tool if you love acupressure. 
To care for your skin morning and evening, you can trust our highly organic moisturizers: La Crème de Santé to balance complicated skin, La Crème Beau Jour to bring powerful antioxidants after 35, La Crème Riche for dry, comfort-seeking skin, La Crème du Temps to lift and firm, La Crème de L'Homme for men to also have soft skin, and La Crème du Soir, to go to bed and wakeup with the smoothest skin.
If you love your natural and certified-organic makeup, La Crème du Teint is now available with 3 shades and a moisturizing but mattifying formula that leaves a very natural finish. Pair it with Le Mascara Intense, our vegan and refillable, and a touch of lipstick on your lips and cheeks, for an elegant and effortless makeup look! As always, all our products are certified organic and made with ingredients that are gentle on your skin – and on the planet.