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Every day, our skin has to deal with oxidative stress. Generated by both exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal) factors, such as pollution, poor lifestyle habits and UV rays, oxidative stress can speed up the skin-aging process, and that includes sagging... To counteract this process, it's essential to keep your skin balanced and protect it against environmental aggressors. If your skin feels tired, if it's losing its firmness and elasticity, and if wrinkles and fine lines are appearing prematurely, these are all signs of skin aging. To delay the onset of the signs of aging, put your trust in naturally derived, ultra-targeted active ingredients with de-stressing and skin-toning properties.

At Absolution, we know all about the consequences of oxidative stress on the skin. So, to help skin dragged down by daily life, we've formulated several certified-organic, targeted products that provide a natural, effective solution to help address skin sagging. We've selected vitamins, minerals, and organic or wild botanical extracts to tackle the problems faced by tired skin, and to help all skin types fight the effects of gravity. You'll find these natural, powerful active ingredients in Absolution's skin-toning products.

If you have mature skin, look no further than La Crème du Temps. Made with an exclusive blend of ingredients that work to firm, repair, and smooth out your skin, it contains over 20 different plant extracts. These include Edelweiss, with exceptional anti-free radical properties, regenerating Pomegranate, and Atlantic Wakame, which works to restore skin's density. Talented active ingredients come together, to help you get time back on your side.

Although all our products are unisex, we wanted to have one that was perfect for men's skin – which can, of course, be weakened by shaving. If you'd like to treat the men in your life to a very "masculine" pro-aging skincare product, you can't go wrong with La Crème de l'Homme! Made with a subtle blend of powerful active ingredients, it works to protect, repair, and invigorate the skin, while leaving it shine-free. The formula includes free radical-fighting Baobab; Bamboo and Ginseng to tone and firm; Hemp Seed oil to protect; and Sesame oil to soothe. Surely men deserve to have soft skin, too?

For deep antioxidant action, try our concentrated serums. Ideal for brightening dull complexions, Le Booster SUPERFOOD gives your skin a good dose of Vitamin C! Acerola, Spirulina and Maca are combined in this serum to stimulate collagen production, protect cells against oxidation, and plump the skin. If gravity has already started to weigh down your skin, try mixing Le Booster LIFT with your day and night creams. At the heart of this formula, you'll find Resurrection Plant, Horsetail, Oat, and Calcium, to redefine facial contours and leave your face looking and feeling firmer and smoother.

Are your eyes and eyelids looking tired and droopy? Le Soin Regard will come to the rescue! Enriched with Blue Lotus to boost collagen production, Green Coffee to de-puff, and Tourmaline, which helps to improve circulation and fight dark circles, this eye cream works to restructure and smooth out the eye area, fading away puffiness and dark circles. Perfect if you want your eyes to look wide awake, not half asleep!

If you love facial oils, you'll adore Addiction! Made with 27 certified-organic essential and botanical oils, including Evening Primrose, Argan and Sesame (which help restore skin's balance with their regenerating and soothing properties), it covers all your skin's needs. The deliciously smooth, fluid texture sinks in quickly, so it can be used morning and evening, all year round. Two drops are enough for the entire face, so you can indulge in your Addiction for months and months... Your skin will love you for it!

Every week, complete your skincare routine with Le Masque Velours Repulpant. This pro-aging, intense hydration mask works to restore density and smooth out the skin. It's enriched with Snow Mushroom, which is 10 times more potent than hyaluronic acid, and Alfalfa, rich in Vitamin U – an incredible active ingredient that encourages epidermal growth and skin regeneration. Leave on for 10 minutes, or even overnight, for softer-feeling, smoother-looking, happy, hydrated skin!