Skin concerns

PAX face oil with CDB: before/after

PAX face oil with CDB: before/after

Does PAX oil really work? We put it to the test for 4 weeks, on 5 people with complicated skin. Discover the results! 

Ritual for skin prone to redness and rosacea

How to use

Morning: wake up your skin with fresh water or a face mist, then apply La Crème Beau Jour mixed with 3 drops of PAX oil.

Evening: remove makeup and/or cleanse with La Crème Douce Démaquillante, apply 4 drops of PAX oil onto slightly damp skin, and perform a face lymphatic drainage with our roller (twice a week).

After 4 weeks

Marie V.

"I have rosacea on my cheeks and I’ve had hypersensitive skin since I was a teenager. Some occasional treatments (desensitizing ampoules, laser) have helped improve the appearance of my skin, but only for a limited time. After 4 weeks of using PAX oil morning and evening, I’ve noticed a true improvement with redness, as if the skin on my face was gradually calming down, and the results seem to last in time. It also feels smoother, which leads to easier and more even makeup application. It's a success for me!"

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Charlotte F.

"I’ve had the honor to be selected to try the new Absolution PAX oil. I don't have major skin issues, just some redness and occasional small pimples around my jawline. After four weeks of use, combined with the day cream La Crème Beau Jour, my skin feels soothed and balanced. My complexion looks brighter. I am delighted! Once again, many thanks to the Absolution team for this wonderful experience."

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Mélina T.

"I really enjoyed trying PAX oil. It feels very nourishing and immediately soothes the skin, provides comfort, and brings a sense of well-being.

I also love the healthy glow it gives me, thanks to its beautiful orange color. I mix the oil with the La Crème Beau Jour moisturizer in the morning, and in the evening, I use it on its own along with Le Roll-On to promote drainage and boost the benefits of the oil. I highly recommend this oil to anyone with sensitive, reactive, and/or complicated skin because it has truly been magical for my skin.

Thank you again!"

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Ritual for acne-prone skin

How to use

Morning: wake up your skin with fresh water or a face mist, then apply La Crème de Santé or La Crème Beau Jour (from 35 and onwards) mixed with 3 drops of PAX oil.

Evening: remove makeup and/or cleanse with Le Nettoyant Pureté, apply 4 drops of PAX oil onto slightly damp skin, and perform a face lymphatic drainage with our roller (twice a week).

After 4 weeks

Elsa S.

"I am happy to share my positive experience with PAX oil. I must say it's one of the best skincare products I have used so far. I quickly noticed a significant improvement of my skin, less redness after removing makeup, and fewer breakouts. The texture of PAX oil is quite impressive as it is easily absorbed while providing comfort to the skin. Although the scent surprised me at first, it quickly became familiar and I don’t even notice it any longer. I highly recommend this oil to anyone with sensitive, prone-to-redness, and blemish-prone skin, as it is gentle and nourishing while effectively addressing these issues."

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Marie L.

Marie found her complexion was more luminous and her skin texture had improved. Her pimples healed faster than usual, and were less inflamed.

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This test only included a skincare routine, but it is important to consider a global approach (food, exercise, supplements) when you treat acne-prone skin or rosacea. The key is to avoid inflammation as much as possible, as it is the source of many skin disorders. After only 4 weeks using a targeted skincare ritual, the results are very encouraging and will only get better in the long run! 

Why did we include a face roller in the rituals?

The lymphatic system has a very important role in the health of the body but also of the skin. Unlike the heart system, it has no pump and needs to be stimulated regularly. If physical activity is generally enough to boost the circulation of lymphatic fluids in the body, the face is often left out.

Lymphatic drainage is known for reducing redness and skin reactivity. It is particularly indicated for very sensitive skin that don't cope well with deeper strokes, as well as for skin suffering from dermatitis. This technique allows to transport cellular waste to the lymph nodes (which will then evacuate them), to even out the complexion and reduce swelling and inflammation.

Le Roll-On Drainant is the perfect tool for the face lymphatic drainage because it gives the right pressure to stimulate the lymph, located just below the skin. The one we chose is made from Obsidian, a semi-precious tone known for its toning and healing properties. It also offers a very relaxing moment, perfect before nighttime!

If you want to learn more about facial lymphatic drainage, read our dedicated article. All the steps are also available here, in the FAQ section.