What's the best moisturizing routine for your skin?

What's the best moisturizing routine for your skin?

What's the best moisturizing routine for your skin?

Choosing a moisturizing routine that's tailored to your skin type is all about providing your skin with the essential elements and support it needs every day. Many aspects of our daily lives, such as pollution, artificial light, oxidative stress, or changes in season, can affect our skin and lead to skin problems. Absolution helps you to find the moisturizer that best meets your needs, for healthy, radiant skin.

Understand your skin type

Hydrate, nourish, mattify, regulate, soothe... With the right moisturizing routine, you should be able to address any of these specific skin needs.

If your skin is... normal

If you have normal skin, you should count yourself lucky! It means that your skin is smooth, with no visible imperfections, and feels soft to the touch. But even if you are lucky enough to have skin that usually looks and feels good, you still have to take care of it every day! Normal skin is naturally well hydrated, and more resistant to external stressors than other skin types, but it's essential that you take preventative measures to delay the appearance of the signs of aging and keep it looking radiant.

To care for normal skin, cleanse it gently in the evening – and only in the evening! (In the morning, you can simply use a face mist or floral water to remove any traces of sebum that have built up overnight.) Begin by removing makeup with the oh-so-gentle La Crème Douce Démaquillante. This creamy makeup remover is enriched with Pracaxi Oil, which helps to boost cell renewal. Next, cleanse with Le Nettoyant Pureté, to dissolve any skin-dulling impurities. In the morning, a few sweeps of L'Eau Soir et Matin are all you need to tone your skin and prep it for the products that follow.


When it comes to moisturizing normal skin (and this brings us back to the subject of this article!), Absolution recommends La Crème Beau Jour. It's one of our essential moisturizing creams, and it works to energize, protect and regenerate your skin in one step. If you want to enjoy glowing skin all year round, pair it up with Le Booster ÉCLAT (which is also a favorite with anyone whose skin is suffering from a lack of sleep). Mix a drop of the Booster with your day and night creams, for visible results in very little time.

If your skin is... combination or oily

If you have combination or oily skin, you'll no doubt find that it tends to be shiny either just in the T-zone (in the case of combination skin) or all over the face (in the case of oily skin). Pores are often dilated, your skin is more sensitive to environmental aggressors, and blemishes frequently appear. These skin types need a subtle combination of hydrating agents and skin-balancing ingredients. And if your skin is going through a difficult period, you can use them in conjunction with more targeted products.

To restore balance to combination skin, always cleanse it gently, and focus on cleansing in the evening – just as you would with normal skin. In the morning, you can use a face mist that won't upset your skin's ecosystem, such as La Brume Systémique. In addition to delivering targeted hydration, this mist preps your skin, so it's more receptive to the active ingredients in the products applied afterwards.

As for moisturizing combination skin, you should adapt your approach to different areas of the face. The golden rule is not to dry out the T-zone, or the skin there could produce even more sebum to compensate. Mix Le Sérum Anti-Soif with La Crème de Santé to balance your skin without making it sensitive. Once a week, use a moisturizing face mask, such as Le Masque Velours Repulpant to brighten and plump your skin.

If you have oily skin, you can use the same cleansing routine, but you'll want to include some targeted anti-blemish products to help restore your skin's balance. Add a few drops of Le Booster PURETÉ to La Crème de Santé to fight excess sebum production – which can cause spots to appear. And when it comes to face masks, opt for Le Masque Pureté Détoxifiant, to really detox your skin.


If your skin is... dry

Dry skin is weakened by the surrounding environment. In many cases, it's also easily irritated, and can suffer from redness, tightness and discomfort on a daily basis. Environmental stresses, such as hard water, over-chlorinated water, heating, air-conditioning, etc., can all make life difficult for dry skin! That's why this skin type needs nourishing lipids, to help it cope with everything life throws at it, every day.

In the evening, use a pampering product to remove makeup, such as Le Baume Céleste. This exquisite oil-in-gel makeup remover helps to nourish dry skin, while lifting away any traces of pollution that have built up during the day. We promise you'll wake up to skin that feels clear, calm and comforted! To cleanse your skin in the evening, opt for a cold-processed soap rich in nourishing active ingredients, such as Le Savon Blanc. Made with a high concentration of softening Calendula, repairing Shea and protective Rice Bran, this certified-organic, vegan soap will cleanse and care for delicate skin. In the morning, a few sprays of La Brume Systémique are all you need to gently wake up your skin and optimize its ability to protect itself. To nourish your dry skin, follow with our Addiction face oil. You can either use it alone or with La Crème Riche. Your skin will feel more supple immediately – and comfortable all day long. To boost cell renewal, treat your dry skin to a gentle exfoliant every now and again, such as La Crème Gommante. Leave on for 15 minutes without massaging it over the face, then rinse off. Your skin will better absorb the nourishing active ingredients in the skincare products you apply afterwards.

If your skin is... mature

If your skin seems to have lost its elasticity and feels dry more often than before, if your wrinkles are getting deeper, and if your jawline lacks definition, then your skin is mature! Skin aging can also make your skin thinner and less toned, and the complexion duller. But fortunately, you can slow down these signs of time by using targeted active ingredients that work to stop your skin from losing its firmness and radiance, and prevent it from feeling tight.

To firm up your skin and protect it against the effects of skin aging, put your trust in pro-aging active ingredients! In the evening, begin your beauty ritual by cleansing your face, not forgetting the neck. Mature skin tends to be fine and sensitive, so you want to cleanse it deeply but gently. La Crème Douce Démaquillante is perfect for that. In the morning, L'Eau Soir et Matin is ideal for reviving your mature skin with the softest touch. To moisturize, you can count on La Crème du Temps, made with an exclusive blend of ingredients that work to firm and smooth out the skin, while correcting the signs of aging. It may not promise eternal youth, but it does promise to give your skin all the ingredients it needs so you can continue to look at yourself kindly, and feel happy and comfortable in your skin.

Don't forget the eye and lip contours, where the skin is finer and more fragile. To keep your lips soft and supple day in, day out, make sure you keep Le Baume close to hand. This lip balm is rich in organic Marula oil – an antioxidant-rich botanical oil that helps to delay the appearance of the signs of aging. As for your eyes, they'll love La Crème Réparatrice Regard, which is perfect for smoothing and firming the eye area.

If your skin is... masculine

Men's skin needs to be looked after every day too! There are subtle differences between men's and women's skin, and these can be explained by hormones! Men have more testosterone, and this affects the texture and thickness of their skin. While their skin is certainly more resilient, it's also more prone to excess sebum, dilated pores, shine and blemishes – regardless of their age!

At Absolution, our skincare products are unisex, so they can be used on both men's and women's skin. Le Nettoyant Pureté, with its slightly astringent formula, is ideal for cleansing every day. Make sure you pay particular attention to the nose and chin, which are where blackheads and other skin problems are most likely to appear. This cleanser can even be used instead of shaving foam! To tackle minor blemishes, try incorporating L'Essence Botanique PURETÉ into your skincare routine. Halfway between a serum and a toner, this hybrid product helps the skin to better retain water in tissues, while regulating the skin with its purifying active ingredients, such as Burdock Root and Lemon Balm essential oil. To keep skin moisturized and matte all day long, look no further than La Crème de l'Homme, which works to protect and restore skin that has to cope with the harsh effects of shaving. And if your skin lacks bounce and elasticity, add a few drops of Le Sérum Anti-Soif to your face cream to quench your skin's thirst without making it greasy!